Highlights: Saturday in DC

This past Saturday was spent in our nation’s capital with friends. We had a hell of a time.

Highlights included:

  • 3 sobering hours touring the Holocaust museum
  • Lots of cab rides
  • Had 2 sake bombs at a random Japanese place while walking to dinner
  • Ate at an Ethiopian restaurant, Lalibela, for my first time and they had 3 different futbol matches on
  • Saw a dead? guy laying in the street and the responding firetruck drove right past him (they later turned around)
  • Bar #1, Madam’s Organ Blues Bar, featured amazing blues and a lead guitarist who resembled both Little Richard and Prince
  • I was taught the technical differences between jazz, blues, and other types of music
  • A Jewish guy overheard my discussion with Kevin on the Israel/Palestine issue and initially thought we were anti-Semites (we’re not). Once he got involved in the convo, he agreed with us on several key issues
  • Bar #1 tab was close to $200, 45% of which was for Jack & Cokes
  • Bar #2 was a reggae bar called the Ghana Cafe and 85% of the live music was Bob Marley—amazing!
  • We almost couldn’t find a cab back to the hotel, but we rescued by an off-duty limo driver
  • Lowlight: Sunday morning