Don’t Waste My Mother-#&@%ing Time

Let me start this off by saying that I love XM Radio, I really do. So much so, I’ve been a multi-radio subscriber for 1435+ days (almost 4 years). I’ve paid them over a thousand dollars during that time. I’d even say I’m a satellite radio evangelist.

Yes, we go way back.

After all that, why do I have to sit on hold for 22+ minutes just to cancel *one* of my three radios? Should it really take that long?

How quick could it be done online? My guess is under a minute. Oh wait, that’s not an option! They have every other possible account management option on their site except for Cancel.

Am I surprised? No, not really. A lot of these companies are old school and still think they can keep the customer jumping through hoop after hoop. Newsflash: The internet has given a lot of customers a venue for their voice to be heard and these shenanigans are becoming less and less acceptable (see The

I know they want people to call them. To go through a retention specialist with the hopes that callers will change their mind.

My message to these companies: Too bad. Suck it up. Make a better website. Make a better online form. Make a better product. And finally, just accept it.

While I’ll never get that 22+ minutes back, I did successfully cancel a radio and will have an extra $6.99 in my pocket each month. Lucky me.