Did I Alter History?

Last night, I went to the Phoenix Suns game with my good friend Bob. It turns out Brady Quinn (Notre Dame QB the Vikes had interest in) was there too. Of course I didn’t know that until they threw him up on the big screen; him and some chick [his longtime girlfriend Lindy Slinger].

After the game we’re in traffic waiting to get on the freeway and I notice this little arm resting in the open window of a Suburban. Then I see this girl lean forward and look out the window at me, smile, then sit back. It was an instant and I said to Bob, “Dude, that’s Brady Quinn in that ride. That’s his chick!”

Bob, driving at the time, didn’t believe me so I leaned forward some, enough to see the driver and his longer, curly hair–yup, definitely him.

I decided to take advantage of this brief moment in time to alter the future, so I yelled out, “Brady, you should sign with Minnesota!” About halfway through my suggestion he looked over and reached to turn down his radio. “What? I can’t hear you bro.” In response, Bob and I simultaneously said, “Sign with the Vikings!” He laughed and nodded as the light turned green and we went our separate ways.

Perhaps I altered history last night? You just never know.