No Excuses for Restricting Web Content From Mobile and TV

YouTube Syndication Setting
Always make your YouTube videos available on mobile phones and TV.

Never restrict your online content from mobile phones and TV.

Not ever. It’s a horrible idea.

In fact, I have yet to hear a legitimate reason to do it. (If you think you’ve got one, please share it in the comments.)

Common excuses

Those that do block mobile and TV often use excuses like, “It’s because of our licensing agreement” or “We want people to download our app.”

Ahh yes, the illusion of control.

Fix your licensing agreements

If it’s in your licensing agreement, take it out. Get it changed.

Easier said than done? Of course, but if you want to do right by your audience, then fix it.

Push your app another way

Forcing us to download your crappy app just to reach your silo’d content isn’t cool.

Here’s a crazy idea: Make a quality app.

Make it useful. Make it enjoyable. Make it optional.

What you must understand

While both excuses above may be true statements, it doesn’t make them legitimate reasons.

Here’s what you likely don’t think about:

  1. It only pisses us off
  2. We don’t care about your reasoning for doing it
  3. We won’t switch to a desktop browser just for you
  4. We are replacing our desktops with mobile and internet-TV devices

Let us consume the way we want to consume—stop trying to control us.

Do you agree or disagree with my rant? What are some scenarios where it might make sense to block mobile and TV? What are some other excuses you’ve heard? Leave a comment and let me know!